Thursday, April 30, 2009

Must You Dramatize Everything?

I find it very devious to be a person who wraps their life in Drama. It's thoughtless! Drama is just going to complicate things to an extreme. It's not even hilarious. To sit there and Start a rumor because you're bored, COME PEOPLE, CAN WE HAVE SOME COMMEN SENSE SHOWING, OR DID GOD FORGET TO GIVE YOU THAT GENE?! Sorry, I had to get the ranting out.
To talk about someone behind their back, when you were supposed to be their friend is like taking a knife and stabbing it into the back. That's why they're called back stabbers, go figure. But to be the one getting stabbed in the back is like a thousand deaths. You were lied to! (Revelations 21:8 -in short terms- Liars go to Hell) You were told that the person could be trusted, but then to have them go and say rude, and noxious things- stuff that isn't even true(!)- is such a rigor thing to do!
Must you add your own drama to reality, when in life-reality is already dramatized enough.

I wish for you to ask yourselves something-> Are YOU the one who is adding drama into this world, or are you just a passerby-someone who is deeply effected by people who dramatize the world?


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Little About Myself and My Blog

Well, um, hello, I go by the name of Hope, even though it may or may not be my real name, inserted on my records or anything like that. I'm part Native American (the Cherokee tribe of Oklahoma and the Sioux tribe of South Dakota), Irish, and German. I live nowhere in particular, but I just Drift on Dream Street.

OK, so, that was the BORING details, I'm here to explain abut my blog just a lot more, and to (hopefully!) share some dreams, and get caught up with posting. On here, I'll list mainly dreams. A dream about how I want to be successful, etc. Hopefully, they'll come true, but I trust fate when it come to this one. I'm (in a way) like a gypsie... except without all the like, sex, drugs, and homeless-ness, but more like the playing with fate, tarot cards, dream searches and definitons, possible futures in dreams, visions, palm reading...yeah, all that jazz that quite a few people believe in, but MANY who practice one strict religion don't. Someting about it going aginst God, or something like that...(if you know, and I am incorrect, please enlighten me.) But try going OUTSIDE the lines, think OUTSIDE the box, when I say, "if religion is so controlling, what's going to happen if we accidently set an athiest as president, and his first law is banning all church, or talk of God...not that that would ever happen....I do believe in God myself, I'm just throwing out there, we all break the rules when it comes to sinning, but is it in the Bible that we can not try and predict our future?"

Okay...that was a little image of how deep I can get with dreams, and thoughts. It's a power...I have a power with my writing...and I can do good or evil with that....what about you? Do you want to go change the world through the power of YOUR voice, YOUR writings?! Give it a try, and please, I need comments...